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Scott Davis

Scott grew up in the Bay Area and was always destined for something creative. He went to school for Design at San Jose State and dreamed of becoming an Art Director for Rolling Stone. Fast forward to 2018...with a side project going nowhere, Scott took a different direction and decided to help his friend, Steve Roney, put together his very own book of amazing rock photos, and here we are today.


Scott would like to thank his family (LCR) for putting up with his crazy schedule and allowing him to go work with strange people. Additional thanks to his family and friends for their love, laughs, and support: Jimmie, Nick, Papa Lew, Double G, Rheemo, Grammy Pam, Frank Gambino, Jillian, Sonny, Crispy, Bel, Parker, Chris Barros, Pit, Bong Bong, John Berg, Albert Borg, The Celli Family, The Reyes Family, South City, Clown Alley, Motley, The Mighty VH, Quiet Riot, Dokken, Double D, AK, TJ, P-Russ, Mama Jean, Scott, Rick and especially William Knight for introducing me to KISS on October 28, 1976 - and to my mother, Rosi, for always believing in me.

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